Andrew Graham

To Whom it may concern,

My name is Andrew Graham and I am from Sydney, Australia. I currently play Triple A for the Detroit Tigers. I have played in the minor leagues for 4 years now and have been a member of the Australian national team for 5 years. I am very lucky to have been coached by so many good coaches over the years who have all helped in there own way to help me reach my goals. Looking back over the years there are only a couple that I would recommend and still wish to thank for there help and Dan Kasperski is one of those coaches.

Dan Kasperski was involved in Baseball coaching and baseball clinics for many years during his stay in Australia. I came into contact with him in 1996 when I was 15. He was the Head coach of my representative team "Ryde Hornsby". He also was the assistant coach for the New South Wales State team the same year.

 The coaching role he provided opened up the eyes off a lot of children, parents and other coaches throughout NSW as he brought the best out of the players and other coaches. His knowledge of the game of baseball was great but also the way he communicated his knowledge to us players was amazing. He was a well-liked person and a coach that the players were not afraid to approach with their problems, on and off the field. Dan did not just coach the two teams that I was involved with he also ran clinics for the junior teams and helped a lot of clubs all over Sydney.

 My Dad and I approached Dan in 1996 to consult us on personal programs to develop my skills along with a few other players from our team.  Dan was also the Coaching Consultant for our Ryde Hornsby Baseball Executive.  Dan took time to work with the coaches to develop a training program for us to compete at the state try-outs later that year.  His mentorship enabled me to work on the skills I need to make the New South Whales State team, which I did, and we went on to win the National Championships.

Throughout the years that I have played and been around the games of baseball (19 years), I have come across many coaches. Dan is still one of the coaches that I remember for having a major impact on my life and who helped me chase my goals of becoming a professional baseball player for the Detroit Tigers. He taught me and many other kids how to play the game mentally and physically and how to play the game in a sportsman way. He was a mentor for many young children during his stay in Australia as he provided knowledge not only for sports in general but also for life, he was looked up to by many young children me being included.

 The main qualities that I remember and that other people have told me about Dan was his presence and organizational skills. Dan worked with our league to organize a lot of baseball clinics, training sessions and games. He was always there at these events and they always ran smoothly which is hard to do in Australia due to the lack of interest and funding in the sport. Dan was also one of those coaches who you knew you could approach. He made friendships with his players which it a lot easier to communicate and build trust with him, basically he was a coach who you could approach and you were not afraid to ask questions, and when you did ask a question you knew you would get a good answer.

I look forward in the future to catching up with Dan Kasperski and hopefully helping him coach his clinics and help the next generation to grow up with sport and the right morals. Cheers: Andrew Graham email: [email protected] 

Dave Day

I first met Dan Kasperski close to 3 years ago in 2004; he was giving one of the players from my league a few pointers. After watching his lesson, I found myself intrigued with his teaching style and wanted to find out more about it. I signed my son up for his 10-week program.

 Now I have an extensive background in baseball but I'm always looking to learn more. The 1st lesson I watched and took notes, by the 2nd lesson Dan saw that I was a keener and wanted to help so he got me involved with the drills. I think that I was having as much fun as the players were. My son looked forward to every one of Dan's classes and when the 10 lessons were done he was asking when he could start up again.

After watching Dan teach for 10 weeks I knew that he had something special about him that I hadn't seen in a coach/teacher for many years if ever. The passion of the game he would bring to the field was contagious his energy would get everyone fired up and ready to learn.

I asked Dan to consult with Highlands Little League on programs to improve our skills development. Dan supplied us with a range of player, coach and executive approaches that we believe will help our kids and association reach a new level of excellence.

Dan's lessons offers something that very few others do, he makes it clear that he is not there as a baby sitter and he expects all his students to try and do their best. I think the way he teaches that there is a consequence for every choice you make, good choice good consequence and so on.

Dan always starts with the basics first and makes sure that his players understand them before moving on to the next step. He teaches his players not to judge their improvement by comparing them to other players but how they have improved from where they started…for example; little Danny could catch 4 of 10 balls at the start of the program and at the end of the program he could catch 9 of 10 balls, where as little Davey could catch 9 of 10 at the start and at the end he could catch 10 of 10 balls now who improved more?

Dan's camps teach players all about being a team player and allow them to develop their leadership skills. He teaches his players that the game is not all about winning or losing and how to take something positive from a loss and feel proud of how they played.

I have seen Dan's camps from 5 different perspectives, 1) as a parent of a player, 2) as a coach with over 25 years of coaching experience, 3) as a league executive (vice president of Highlands Little League 7 years),  4) as a baseball player with over 35 years playing and 5) as an employee.

I would whole heartedly endorse any coaching program that Dan Kasperski was involved in as well as his consulting ability to help sport league executives implement new ideas and programs.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions [email protected]

Yours truly
Dave Day

Barry Medori

It is a pleasure for me to provide a testimonial for Dan Kasperski.  It has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on him as a personal and professional associate.  Having the opportunity to work with Dan over the past year, I have come to appreciate his friendship, professional qualities and work ethic.

Thrust into any situation, Dan displays an industrious attitude towards leadership and learning.  His interpersonal skills shine.  No matter what age or ability level, he exhibits a concern for understanding and growth of the individual.  Dan articulates effectively, with courtesy and clarity.  Dan has an innate sense of scrutinizing the situation and then orchestrating its success.

He has proven that he works well with others in any capacity and his love for children is evident every day in his interaction with them. Dan’s enthusiastic attitude and sense of humor have endeared him to all he works with.

Dan’s work and instructional skills display high quality and a commitment to excellence.  He takes pride in learning and doing that little extra to make him strong in his role and in the outcomes of all of the players he comes in contact with.  Dan demonstrates, in his communication and philosophy, a dedication to personal learning and development.   

Dan is a risk taker and has expressed a desire through his hard work to grow as a professional.  He has set high standards and goals for himself and strives to attain them. 

Barry Medori

High Performance Mentor Coach, Hockey Alberta, Coordinator; Parkland Hockey Academy, Hockey Canada Skills Academy

Stephanie Hnatiw

Hi Dan:

Just want you to know that Derek and I were VERY impressed with the football camp that you hosted that Matthew attended.  In watching you and the way you deliver your experience and knowledge to the kids, it's very evident that you have a great desire for children to learn skills and techniques not only in sports but life in general.  Matthew has come away with much knowledge toward football and a more mature attitude toward himself in thinking BEFORE he makes a decision (such as taunting his brother!!). He continues to practice his agility exercises and the different football plays you taught him (he's even teaching his 3 year old brother Caleb how to be a better football player!).

I'm sure there are many parents who both work outside of the home and are in the same situation as were are.  Please let us know when your next programs are scheduled as I'd hate for Matthew to miss out on the opportunity of being coached by you again as we both sincerely appreciate your style of coaching.

Stephanie Hnatiw

Bob Fitzsimmons

To Whom It Concerns,

I am more than pleased to endorse Dan Kasperski and his unmatched athletic and life skill training program. My 3 sons participated in his weeklong baseball clinic in August 2007 and were richly rewarded.

As a Physical Education teacher and coach for 20 years, I recognize Dan's teaching style as a rare talent, and his methods as visionary. Dan holds his students accountable for their attention to perfect practice as he breaks skills down into effective progressions that they can master.

Throughout his course he shows them that how they apply their efforts to sport and to life are the same. 'There are benefits and consequences to the decisions we make and the work-ethic we bring to tasks.'

The most impressive aspect of Dan's instruction is his passion to teach kids. His energy is infectious and he completely gives himself to his students. He implores them to squeeze all they can out of both athletic training and their own lives through focused application of their personal resources.

I have asked Dan to consult with me in order to improve on our programs at the local high school.  We both have similar philosophies and Dan has the necessary background and experience to enhance our athletes and coaching staffs.

In closing, my kids will be the first signed up when Dan's course returns to Chilliwack. Parents and kids need this type of Program. Teachers like Dan and this type of training simply do not exist elsewhere. I have no reservations in recommending his course as a unique and highly valuable pursuit of excellence for youth.

Please contact me if I can supply further information.

Bob Fitzsimmons
[email protected]

Brenda Leclair

To Whom It May Concern:

 My first introduction to Dan Kasperski and his coaching technique was through a summer baseball program my son attended.  I was immediately impressed with his style of motivation and skills training within a fun environment.

 I am on the Executive of my son’s elementary school PAC which is a parent association within the school that is the liaison with the administrators.  One of our key goals is to support and enrich our children’s school experience. 

 In British Columbia our teachers’ labour union no longer supports after school sports programs and extracurricular activities that require a teacher sponsor.  After discussion within our parent group, I approached Dan to provide an after school sports program in the Spring of 2006 for basketball and football. 

 I found in Dan an enthusiasm and willingness to work within our specific needs.  All feedback on the programs he delivered was positive from both the children attending and parents.  If Dan had not relocated we were anticipating continuing the programs for the fall and spring terms.

 If you would like more information or have specific questions, please feel free to e-mail me directly at [email protected].


Brenda Leclair, Special Projects, Plymouth Elementary School PAC

Terry Kellington

To Whom It May Concern

It has been my pleasure to have Dan Kasperski conduct summer baseball camps for kids in the city of Chilliwack, BC.  Dan consulted with us at Chilliwack Baseball to formulate a plan for the kids in our association.  It was decided that we would put on a summer baseball camp.

As a former player, parent and current coach, I can say without reservation that Dan’s instructional techniques through his Teaching Life Skills Through Sports' is the most effective
program I've come across.  Coaches from our association were mentored by Dan on the field so that in future, we can run the programs on our own.

I believe that what makes his program so exceptional, is not only Dan’s knowledge of the fundamentals of the game, but more importantly, his methods aimed at teaching kids the importance of taking personal responsibility in the learning process. The beauty of it is that Dan’s instructional methods allow kids to learn lessons that can be applied to any area in a young
child’s personal development. This is what I think really separates Dan’s approach to most others.

 Additionally, Dan’s contagious level of enthusiasm and energy is equaled by the intense desire of his students to learn. It is clear that he genuinely cares that all of his kids have success in his program. At the closing of our summer camp this year, it was refreshing to witness the spontaneous picture taking that occurred with the parents snapping individual pictures of their children with Dan. This quite simply reaffirmed my belief in Dan’s program.

 In closing, I would recommend Dan Kasperski's Teaching Life Skills Through Sports program to any school or sporting association whose goal is to develop personal excellence on and off the field.

Terry Kellington
Chilliwack Baseball

Bob Caldwell

I recently traveled to Finland with Dan on an international hockey coach exchange. What I noticed was Dan’s passion for the game and his genuine interest making sport a positive place for the children involved. Dan is a person that strives to learn new concepts and is willing to share his own perspective. He is a positive and enthusiastic participant in whatever he does.

Bob Caldwell

Master Mentor, Hockey Manitoba

Carole and Mark Bajus

Hi Dan...Mark and I wish you the best!!!

Our son has taken several Kasper camps and the difference in his skill level speaks for itself. Dan is able to separate each baseball skill and break it down to manageable steps for kids to understand. If Dan was around in our era...I dare say Baseball today would be a different sport.

Carole and Mark Bajus

 Tony Franklin

I had the opportunity to spend 10 days observing and working with Dan in Finland in the fall of 2009.  We were part of a coaching exchange between the Finnish Ice Hockey Association and Hockey Canada.  Dan has an amazing passion for hockey and ‘sport’ in general.  He is eagerly interested in how sport can be used to develop the “whole” person.  He has a contagious energy and a constant desire to learn and improve youth programs.  Dan has a very positive outlook and strives to find the “up side” of all situations; not to mention a remarkable ability to brainstorm ideas of making them even better.

Although I’ve only worked with Dan in a “hockey” setting, I understand he has an extensive background in many other sports and across many international borders.

 If I had to characterize Dan in one phrase:  “Positive Energy” would be my choice.

 Respectfully submitted

 Tony Franklin

NCMP Mentor – Hockey MB

Bob Mackay

To Whom It May Concern;

It is a pleasure to send this e-mail in support of Dan Kasperski. I first became aware of Dan's clinics seven years ago. My son was just starting to play baseball and I had offered to coach his team. Although I had played and coached baseball for a number of years I had been away from the
game for a long time.

"Kasper", as he is known, in the Jericho Baseball organization is a tireless, enthusiastic and knowledgeable baseball coach and clinician. I respect Dan for his drive to improve the skills of all young players. He expects all participants to do their best, and to focus at all times. These expectations are not easily met but Dan challenges each player in a thoughtful and supportive manner.

Dan has a passion for what he does. This shines through in his practices and presentations. He has a wide repertoire of methods and drills to instill good fundamentals in young, aspiring baseball players. His attention to detail and thorough knowledge of the game has helped numerous players in the Jericho Association. When you watch our league games you can tell the players who have been to a "Kasper" clinic.

As a coach, who has attended Dan's sessions, he has given me the fundamentals, drills and attitudes required to be a successful coach. It has allowed me and many of my colleagues to pass on "Kasper" baseball to hundreds of players in the Jericho League.

Dan is not only interested in passing on baseball fundamentals. He is also keen to help develop life skills in those who attend his clinics. Always try your best, never quite, always focus, play fair, and always be
a cooperative team player are some of the themes Dan weaves into every practice and clinic.

Dan's influence has not just been confined to Jericho, as many organizations in the lower mainland have asked him for help. As Manger of Human Resources for the West Vancouver School District I was pleased to support his presence in our Summer programs.

I am happy for Dan that he has returned to his roots but we will miss his enthusiasm, drive for excellence, and expertise in the game of baseball. I recommend "Kasper" to anyone who is interested in educating children to play baseball and become good citizens at the same time.


Bob Mackay
All- Star coach for Jericho Little League

Corey McNabb

Dan was a lead instructor for both the on-ice and off-ice portions of one of our Hockey Canada Skills Camps and did an outstanding job.  His knowledge of the teaching of technical skills as well as his energy and enthusiasm were a great asset to the camp.  All of the participants learned from his expertise and thoroughly enjoyed his presence to make the day a total success. 

Corey McNabb

Mgr. Player Development, Hockey Canada


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