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Control the Controllable.

If you are asking → Which path do I take? What can I possibly do to support my kids at home & get them ready for a return to sport? You are not alone.

I have decided to put the larger group coaching events on hold to concentrate on individual families & smaller family/team groups.

If you want insider knowledge on what sport will look like and how you and your 6-12 yr old can be ready for the next level, regardless of what youth sport will look like - organize a date for your own Start2Star Mastermind!

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At your own Family or Team Start2Star Mastermind, for LESS THAN $500/family, you will learn...

  • To Control the Controllable in the best interests of you, your 6-12 yr old athlete & your family!
  • Knowledge and expertise on what youth sport might look like post COVID-19 and how you can be better prepared financially, emotionally, mentally, and socially as a sport family.
  • How to ease your worries by equipping you with the knowledge, tools, and resourcefulness needed to not only get through this pandemic, but to allow your child to thrive in their sport moving forward.
  • To go beyond neutral coaching and being a neutral parent with regards to your child’s sport experience. They will need more from you when they return to playing their sport after this pandemic.
  • To support your child's resilience, motivation, health and overall development as they return to a post COVID-19 world
  • How Sport played an important role in my early years & especially after my Dad took his own life when I was 24.
  • How Sports not only improved my mind, body and allowed me the necessary time & space to relieve my stress & negativity, recharge my batteries, socialize with friends (that became family) & helped me to move forward as best as I could!

So much more!

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  • Debunking Youth Sport Myths Guide.
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